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16 June 2008

A Real Challenge

I have combined the last five Artist Trading Card challenges set by Leonie into one.

Recollection & Receipts - Memorabilia gathered from my trip to Italy in March this year.
Chop & Change - the images were cut up & relaid as mosaic.
Tone on Tone - Grey on Grey.
Masking - rubber stamps inked with clear VersaMark ink, embossed with clear powder & inked over with black ink to reveal the images.
A Touch of White - the torn edges, the eyelet & ribbon.

I inked two Non Sequitur stamps (Italia banner & cancellation stamp) with VersaMark & stamp a piece of white cardstock. The images were covered in clear embossing powder & then heat embossed. I then coloured the cardstock with black ink, using a small piece of Cut n Dry foam, which gave a grey tone, rubbing over the embossed areas to reveal the images beneath.

I made a small collage from copies of tickets & bits collected on my trip. They were altered to grey scale before printing out.

I then cut up the cardstock & stuck the pieces onto a white mountboard ATC sized base, which had been coloured with black ink. I added an image of a boy playing S-Cianco, from a leaflet I collected. They were playing this in Verona on the day I arrived.

I stamped the cancellation image again over the top, in black ink. Finally, I added a white eyelet & ribbon.

It's a great memory of my trip.


  1. Wow! This is amazing Daisy! I wonder if anyone has rolled 5 challenges into one before! :0)

  2. Well done daisy - I would not be able to get my head round working out 5 challenges in one! It works very well! xxx

  3. Fabulous work Daisy - really fabulous

  4. WOW!.........what a clever piece, Daisy, and it's turned out brilliantly! :)

  5. beautifully done daisy - love the grey colour - fab xx

  6. Daisy you are so clever! This is ace! You have really caught up with Leonie's challenges now! Hope you rewarded yourself with a cuppa and lots of biccies!

  7. Lots of tea & biccies Sharon :o)

    Thanks for the nudge to get back on track xx

  8. I'm glad you are joining in with Leonie's challenges again as I love seeing what you create. Hope they were choc biccies!

  9. Now that would be telling :o)

  10. hi daisy!

    I think your atc is really stunning!

    I find it hard thinking about what to do with one, let alone five at once.....

    I love visiting your blog!


  11. Oh WoW!!!!
    You've done's fantastic!! ^.^

  12. Daisy... only you could manage to incorporate 5 challenges into 1!!! Fantastic - I love the grey tones.

  13. Daisy, you clever clogs. Your ATC is fabulous, you've ticked every box and it looks brilliant. Not to cluttered, which would have been easy to do squeezing 5 into 1. I'm really impressed, and so glad to see your work again.

  14. Beautiful ATC daisy. I love it. xxxx