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12 June 2008

Bluebird Mandala

This is my Mandala for Jean's first monthly challenge.
The challenge was to make a mandala with seven layers - no other rules.

Mandalas can mean many things to many people,
but my understanding of them is that they represent life
& those aspects of life that are important to us,
so they are always very personal.

I knew mine would have to be based on nature
& I wanted to use words.
I decided from the start to use a cd as the base,
so this dictated the scale of my project.

I used papers from the Shabby Princess Vintage Florals range
& adapted templates from Inspire me.


  1. Hi Daisy,

    Love this mandala-so peaceful and serene! I really love the fact that it is 3D and comes up off the base as if it is just unfolding all the way!


  2. I Love your Mandala Daisy! The dimension and colors of it are so special as are the thoughts on the back! My mandala (not quite finished yet) is also made from paper. I think this theme has lots of possibilities!

  3. gorgeous daisy - really pretty xx

  4. Daisy, This is beautiful!!!!! I hope you enjoyed the challenge! Thank you for playing!


  5. It's lovely daisy, so much detail! xxx

  6. Absolutely beautiful!! xx

  7. Fabulous Mandala Daisy - it has been a while since I made one of those - I may even have a go!!

  8. Beautiful Mandala the colours and the nature theme :)