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04 April 2008

Laugh Every Day

Leonie set a hard theme this week for her Fab Friday Artist Trading Card challenge. She wanted us to use the small work of art to send a big message.

Mine is inspired by my daily gratitude journal, which in turn was inspired by an article on Lisa Bearnson’s blog.

I began my Reasons to be Cheerful journal on December 1st, recording each day five things that I am grateful for or moments that made me smile & laugh.

It has been, & continues to be, an amazing experience. It has changed my approach to each day, looking for the good moments & positive aspects of each day.

As part of this, I also began to take a daily photograph as a visual reminder of the day. I love my photography & love the feeling when I look back at each daily entry. It shows me that if you look hard & closely enough, you can find the good, cheerful & wonderful moments in each & every day – moments to be grateful for.

My thanks go to Lisa for this life changing inspiration.

Now for the crafting facts. The mountboard base was covered using elements from the Shabby Princess Express Yourself range. The larger flowers were decoupaged & highlighted with gold Stickles. The whole ATC was edged with a Krylon 18ct gold leafing pen.


  1. I love the message on your ATC Daisy! You have inspired me to think positive thoughts today and I really like your journal idea.
    Love Sharon

  2. Daisy that is so inspirational, and very uplifting, I think I will try and follow your example and think of all the good things that happen in the day, as I unfortunatly tend to dwell on the bad things which is not good is it!

    Love the atc too :)

  3. Aww, I really like that posting, glad you squeezed in there Daisy! haha. What a fab idea, I started thinking what mine would be, I should have a go at that, a bit of positive thinking is definately a good thing.

    I'm glad you thought my challenge was abit tricky, it's nice to get thinking and seeing what you come up with, and your idea and ATC are perfect. Lovely card, lovely idea. Thank youxxxx

  4. Great atc daisy!! Great positivity! xxx

  5. A wonderful ATC daisy...and fabulous sentiment behind it ...Keep it up xxx

  6. Fab sentiment Daisy and ATC you've inspired me too xx

  7. Daisy this is great and your journal sounds like a wonderful thing to do. I am very impressed:0)

  8. brill atc daisy - i didn't managed this weeks challenge my brains too slow :0) xx

  9. Thank you all for your comments & for those of you thinking of starting a journal, just keep a notebook on your bedside table & before you go to sleep at night, think about what happened during your day & record 5 positive things.

    They don't have to be all big & important. Mine are normally just small things. As the saying goes, look after the small things & the big things will look after themselves.