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28 February 2008

Swimming against the Tide

The Inchie challenge theme over on Inching Artists this week is Zodiac.

The inspiration for my inchie is taken from the current phase of the zodiac, which is Pisces.

The fish image is from a cdrom of copyright free vintage images. The background is made using Distress Inks (weathered wood & broken china).

As some of the visitors to my blog may not have come across inchies before & may not, therefore, be aware of their size, they are a one inch square. Here is a photograph of this inchie in between a £1 coin & a €1 coin.


  1. WoW!!!!
    A wonderful Inchie...but just how do you get it to look as if it's a 'Footie'??? *.*

    Love it x

  2. Nimble fingers, a love of small details & a brilliant camera :o)

  3. it really does look bigger than an inch ! it's fab xx

  4. Great inchie daisy - I think I might start making these again too! I have missed them! xxx

  5. Putting it between those coins really brings it home to you just how tiny these works of art are!