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06 February 2008

A Skinny Zentangle

A skinny is 3" x 5" in dimension and a zentangle is an abstract drawing, well ok then, a doodle.

This is my first official zentangle, although you will find many more throughout my notebooks, diaries and especially my puzzle books.

I have used mountboard as the base and it is drawn using both ends of my Emboss Dual Pen by Tsukineko.


  1. !!!!WoW!!!!

    You clever thing you!!! It's really great!!

    Other than a few wonky lines, I wouldn't use my doodles!!...looks like my ickle Daisy has done them ^.^

  2. I could never use my doodles! Yours look great daisy :-) xxx

  3. This is stunning Daisy - I love it .... also love saying Zentangle ..... just gotta work out how I can fit it in all my conversations at work tomorrow! XXX

  4. Yes...please report back Linda ^.^

    **If they haven't taken you away!! Lol

  5. It's fab daisy - not heard of zentangles before! I wonder how Linda got on with the new word!! xx