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21 February 2008

Delicately Scented

Linda set two challenges this week on Inching Artists, so of course I did both. The second theme was Vintage Advertisement.

The base was made using Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers (lettuce & sandal) and edged with Distress Ink (dusty concord). A small eyelet with purple cotton thread was the finishing touch.

The vintage soap label image is decoupaged. There is the bottom image and then three layers on top. To give you an idea of the scale, the label is approx 1½ cm in diameter.

So the lesson for today is, decoupage on an inchie is not recommended.

Mad completely mad.


  1. Ooooh its gorgeous Daisy i love decoupage don't think i could do it that tiny though xx

  2. Four layers?!!! Incredible! Sorry Daisy I made a bit mess in here - just splurted my tea and biscuits!( quickly mops up before next visitor comes))
    It's beautiful, what a talent you have, dont know how you do it
    luv Craftyjoy xx

  3. Amazing - I dont know how you do it!

  4. Goodness me daisy - 4 layers!! I love inchies but there are limits to what I will do on them!! It is lovely though!! xxx

  5. Thanks for your comments & to Joy for making me LOL :o)

    Just remind me not to attempt inchie decoupage ever again.

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!! *.*

    FOUR!!!! Luckily, I wasn't drinking tea AND Joy has eaten all the biccies again (and can't deny it!!) or I might have made a mess too!! ^.^

    It's fabulous daisy...well done you x

  7. that is truly stunning daisy you must have the patients of a saint! xx

  8. Thank you for your comments xx

  9. What a small thing you created! Really amazing...

  10. lovely work, good on you for doing both challenges :)