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05 April 2017

Turning over an old leaf or two

The class this week on Wanderlust was about monoprinting,
using nature as our inspiration.

I used three colours of acrylic paint.
(Waterfall, Pistachio & Tidepool)

I created enough prints to make my first page for April
using both sides of my cardboard substrate.

The first side uses prints made from rose leaves,
from a bouquet of flowers I received from my parents.

I added Distress Crayons & some shadow from a Stabilo All black pencil.

The reverse side uses the Ivy prints.

These were layered over each other

I again used Distress Crayons & Stabilo All pencil.

Here are both sides.

I edged the substrate with Distress Ink (black soot).

The rose leaves created a stunning silhouette
& the ivy such exquisite detail.

Have you tried monoprinting with items found in your garden?
Which gave you the most interesting result?

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