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20 April 2017

A cut above

The current class on Wanderlust is by Mindy Lacefield.

It was interesting to watch her creative process,
applying her paints & seeing her art piece develop.

I decided to join in this week, creating along with Mindy as she worked.

However, 7 minutes into the video & I had already got distracted by another idea,
so off I went again.

Guess the course is sparking my imagination,
so I am thrilled to have this weekly input,
but please don't think that my art
is any reflection of the Wanderlust course content.

So here is the story of what happen ...

I was working on another piece of corrugated card,
with a black background,
& a layer of red acrylic paint ...

When Michelle Ward popped into my head.

I really developed as a mixed media artist
through her Green Pepper Press Street Team Crusades
which she hosted a few years ago.

Seth had recently posted a link on Twitter
to an old article on Somerset Place,
a tutorial from Michelle, using corrugated cardboard,
so it was this that called to me.

Michelle creates the most awesome pieces from corrugated card,
deconstructing them, exposing the layers beneath,
piercing through, cutting out, building up.
Michelle herself inspired by the art of Louise Nevelson.

So having painted my piece of corrugated card black,
with a layer of Dina Wakley Media Ruby Acrylic Paint,

I began to cut & pierce,

carving out a groove to add jute thread,

adding more piercing & building layers,

then sanding the edges.

The final touch was a painted brad head.

Mindy had started me on my journey,
Seth had supplied the map,
Michelle gave me directions along the way,
I took a break at Somerset Place,
had a conversation with Louise
& eventually reached my destination.

Who has guided you
on your art journey recently?

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