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19 April 2017

Do what you love

I am taking part in #52CafeCards
which is a year long creative challenge,
creating art on playing cards
following the prompts provided by Marta Lapkowska.

The next prompt is O for Obsession.

I had a long think about my art obsessions,
which lead me to use the images & items that I love to use in my art.

Book text (here from Pride & Prejudice) or dictionary definitions.

Butterflies (particularly this image).


This image of a phrenology head from the
Brockhaus & Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary
published in Imperial Russia in 1890-1907

Patterned Washi tape (here by Tim Holtz)

Positive affirmations.

I coated the images in hot wax in my Ranger Melting Pot
& added a photocopy of a heart
(from my deck of playing cards)
& printed text.

Which images always spark your creativity?

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