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22 April 2017

The One Day Project: Wren

Do you have a project that you keep walking past,
muttering to yourself, "One day I'll .... "

Well I do, actually if truth be told, I have a few.

Those ideas that won't rest until you actually do them.

Well here is the story behind one of those projects.

It began a few years ago, around Christmas.

Various charities in the UK sent out letters asking for donations,
& included in the envelope were promotional bookmarks
& drinks coasters.

The coasters were too solid to throw away ...
yes I am holding my hands up
& admitting that the thought certainly crossed my mind.

So I just starting "collecting" them
& my Mother kept hers for me too.

Once I had 14, I decided they would make a nice chunky journal.

I altered two to make the covers & punched holes in the rest.

3½ inch square drinks coasters

Then it went back into the drawer ...

Back in 2011/12 I did an online gluebook course with Mary Green
of Green Paper 
& took part in her monthly challenges.
I kept all the little scraps of paper,
all those little pieces
which I didn't have the heart to throw away.

This week, whilst looking for something else,
I picked up the small tub containing these treasured pieces
& finally made the decision to tie the two projects together 
to make a chunky gluebook.

No paints, no inks, no fabrics.

Just paper & a gluestick.

Scissors & a sanding block.

So I turned my When into a Wren.

What projects have you been putting off?
Is it time to just start?

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