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01 February 2017

I am ready

Week 4 of Wanderlust, is a week of activities & discussions.

I have made a piece for my journal combining two of the activities.

The January journal prompt of
I am ready ....

& following the rule of only using 3 colours that I could see from my own surroundings.

I chose
I am ready to PLAY

The three colours were green, browns with a little red.

It is Winter here in the UK,
so the colours in my garden are mainly greens & browns,
but there are a few red berries that the birds have not yet eaten.

Not only did we need to choose our colour palette from our surroundings,
but we also needed to tell a story,
reflecting our own experiences during this month.

The base is cardboard (from a box of my cat's favourite food).
I coated it with white gesso, before adding my colours.

The focal point is the butterfly from Kasia,
as the Wanderlust course has been a key part of  this month.

Under the butterfly is a cotton label,
cut out from a piece of clothing before it was sadly thrown away.

It held memories, been on our travels with us,
so it's nice to feel that part of it has been incorporated into this piece.

The piece of torn cardboard box,
is from a delivery I received this month.

There is also some green text washi tape made from Kasia's collage sheet,
you can just see it here in the top corner.

The colours used were

Gelatos (Chocolate, Pistachio & Red Cherry)
Distress Crayon (peacock feathers)
Distress Ink (walnut stain)

We were also allowed to use black & white.

Acrylic Paint (Black)
Archival Ink (Jet Black)
Distress Marker (black soot)
Stabilo All pencil (Black)
Chinograph pencil (White)
White Gesso

I included two elements from the Dreamer collection by 7 Dot Studio
The script stamp is by Crafty Individuals.
The stencil is Bubble by Tim Holtz.

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