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23 February 2017

Getting Lost in the Storm

Some of the best times I have had when travelling
have been when I have got
finding treasures that I would have otherwise missed
& enjoying unplanned moments in my life.

The same is true of Wanderlust.

I am getting lost
& enjoying every moment.

Fellow Wanderlust travelling companions may be confused
as to how my art journal/mixed media pieces relate to the week's lessons -
well I am here to tell you that they probably don't.

This week more than any other week,
I have dawdled off,
taken a side road that everyone else walked by,
lost in my own little world ...

The base of this week's page is white watercolour paper,
which already has a great texture to it.

I just threw all kinds of colour
& different mediums on to it.
Acrylic Paints, Distress Crayons,
Getalos, Perfect Pearls,
White Gesso
Distress Marker ...

Added a few elements from 7 Dots Studio,
including a large circle that I had copied
& made into small button tabs,
to mark the monthly Activities pages,
(using Kasia's lettering from the free Newsletter from Everything Art).

Tab on my Activity Page from Week 4

Then I turned to my favourite artist,
Joseph Cornell,
for inspiration to finish off this piece.

The second day I spent working on this page was the day that storm Doris hit the UK,
so I dared to brave the strong winds to collect a few small twigs
which had been blown down from my Silver Birch tree.

I coated these in white gesso.

I also added some book text (from you know where)
some printed text,
abaca ribbon &
fabric ribbon.

The finished page certainly reflects the dark stormy colours of the last two days.

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