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22 February 2017

Open your Heart

I am taking part in #52CafeCards
which is a year long creative challenge,
creating art on playing cards
following the prompts provided by Marta Lapkowska.

The next prompt is H for Heart
&/or Hummingbird.

Marta couldn't choose between to two, so we have both this week.

I coated the playing card front in white gesso,
then added a layer of crumpled white tissue,
to create some texture.

Now the hummingbird is a favourite of mine,
has been for a few years,
due to the fact that I am often given cards made by Papyrus.

Their logo is a hummingbird
& with each card they enclose a gold hummingbird sticker
(to seal the envelope),
together with a card detailing the legends of the Hummingbird.
You can read about it here.

I took the words to create my background,
printing them on tissue paper.

My heart is cut from corrugated card,
first painted black then coated in Crackle Glaze,
followed by white paint.

Golden Gesso
White tissue paper
Mod Podge Matte
Printed text on white tissue paper
Pritt Stick
Corrugated card by Inspire me
PaperArtsy Crackle Glaze
Eco Green Crafts Acrylic Paints (Black/White/Pure Gold)
Printed text on white card
Hummingbird charm
Gold Metallic Thread

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