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29 June 2015

Open your wings & fly

As you may already know, I recently signed up for the

There is a new theme each month, video lessons to watch online,
supported by thought-provoking questions, which can be used as journal prompts.

I wanted to make sure that I didn't just look through my Brave Box
& then just tidy it away somewhere safe.

I wanted to create a way of being able to refer to
& reflect on the lessons throughout the month.

To encourage me to do this, I made a small journal, 4½ x 5½ inches,
held together with silver book rings.

My Soul School Journal

The covers are made from mountboard & painted using acrylics.

Inside the front cover of my Soul School Journal

Each month starts with a Title Page, using a 3 x 5 inch index card,
covered in patterned paper from the Brave Box

Choose Happy Theme for May 2015
The tab is actually the heading cut from the contents page.

As part of my membership subscription, I also have digital access to copies of the printed material,
so I printed a copy of the main graphic, reduced in size, to fit on the index card.

Inside are the lesson notes & miniature graphic cards, both from the Brave Box.

One of the lessons for May 2015
Each graphic card is attached to the back of it's lesson notes,
so as you are working through the lessons, you can see both side by side.

 You then open up the folded flap to read the journal prompts.

I decided to write my notes from the lesson on another index card,
which then sits in the journal behind this.

Using an index card for my notes.

My journal card (blank one shown here) then pops in behind the flap.

There are seven lessons for May & then we find the Title Page for June,
with it's seven lessons behind.

I Can & I Will Theme for June 2015

The theme for July 2015 is
Protect your Peace

If you would like to know more, visit the Soul School for full details.

Copy of my painted butterfly, on the inside of the front cover.

The original butterfly image can be found at The Vintage Moth.

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