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11 June 2015

Lessons Learnt

I've hit quite a few snags during the second lesson.

It's all about Archival Inks & my old Jet Black has run out of fuel.

And I do not own any of the lighter brighter colours.

Also for one of the tags, Tim uses his wonderful Sizzix Vangabond machine & embossing folders, 
neither of which do I own or have access to.

So, I've had to rethink my objectives.

Basically we are learning how the different products work by themselves & with each other,
so if I don't have those products, then at this stage, I don't need to learn how to use them.

Instead when I hit a hurdle, I can still watch the techniques,
make notes, recreate the tags,
but I will use Tim's own tag as my reference image.

I was pondering over the Brushless Watercolour tag from the first lesson
& realised that a much simpler way to colour the stamp is to use Distress Markers.

But I only have those in a couple of colours.

Before Distress Markers we used Cut-n-Dry pen nibs,
which have a brush tip that you dip/press into the ink pad.

But I don't think these would give enough coverage.

My conclusion was to dab my selected ink pads directly onto the craft mat
& pick up the colour using my water brush.

A much easier way to get the right colour in the right place.

No more muddy flowers for me!

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