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27 June 2015

ICAD Week 4

ICAD  is the Index Card A Day creative challenge, which runs for two months from 1st June.

I am posting my cards daily on Instagram, but only publishing a blog post once a week.

My index cards are 3" by 5"

I had taken just one of the prompts for this week, which was academic.

Day 16
Science Lesson

Day 17
Philosophy Lesson

Day 18
Art Class

Day 19
Business Studies

Day 20
Music Practice

I have used white pigment ink Signo pen by Uni-ball,
dymo tape, printed text,
Distress Ink (black soot),
patterned fabric tape,
& gift wrap paper by Cavallini Papers & Co Inc.


  1. Hiya Distinctly daisy,

    These cards are looking absolutely spectacular, the design they have is really gorgeous and rustic.
    I am glad you made use of your Dymo for these cards as I think the overall result really came out on top and added a very interesting effect to it.

    Thank you for sharing this and we look forward to more projects from you!

    With best regards,
    Jesper K

    1. Thank you so much Jesper. The Dymo tape is just perfect for this project & so easy to use. Thank you.