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08 May 2015

The Impermanence of Future Dreams

Time for an update on my Wreck this Journal.

Chew on this

I guess all the politicising over the last few weeks finally got to me yesterday.
In England we voted to elect our Member for Parliament
as well as electing Councillors for our District Council.

I had three votes to cast.

Over the last few weeks we have been leafleted nearly every day - seems such a waste of money/paper/ink/manpower.

I have been avoiding doorstep canvassers too.

My thanks to Michelle Ward for the label template image
& to Mary Green for the images of the lady & ticket.

To add a little colour & cheer, here is a

Page of good thoughts

My thanks to the Brave Girls Club for their inspiration cards.

Finally a little fun with the pages at the front of my journal

Glue, staple or tape these PAGES together



Tie string to this book

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