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28 May 2015

Ready, Steady ...

Monday sees the start of ICAD for 2015, for which you create on one small index card
each day for two months.

During those two months, by spending a short time each day being creative,
it helps develop a creative habit, training your creative muscles to be ... creative.

But really, do you need a reason to be creative?

I may join in with this, although I am still having a debate with myself on this point,
but just in case I do, today I have made a small holder for my index cards.

The top is made from white mountboard on a rectangle chipboard base. 

The outside is covered in Ranger's white sticky-back canvas, painted black.

Some people prep a few cards in advance, to ensure a fast get away from the creative blocks,
so I have also covered a few blank index cards in some old wrapping paper
I have been saving for a few years. 

To be honest, it's a relief to finally find a good use for it,
as I have been hoarding it for simply ages.

Come Monday morning, I should be ready to Go ...

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