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11 May 2015

I have an Idea ...

This is a project from The Brave Girls Club.

I used what supplies I already had, so that meant a smaller canvas (7 by 5 inches).

I also decided to do mine portrait, rather than Melody's landscape original.

I didn't have any heavy-body acrylics, so I just used my regular set of cheap acrylics.

Creating a textured background using a palette knife & cheap acrylic paint

Mars Black (background)
Titanium White (lettering)

Need to leave this to dry overnight

I used Golden Soft Gel (Matte) Medium as my collage medium.

Collage pieces added & painted over
Lemon Yellow (hat) 
Medium Yellow & Yellow Ochre (flower)
Phthalo Green (leaf)
Colbalt Blue & Phthalo Blue &  (flower)
Crimson (flower)
Walnut Stain Distress Ink (antiquing finish)

Trying to show the gold edge
For the edges of the canvas, I used ecoGreen's Pure Gold acrylic paint
instead of sheets of gold leaf over a background of Burnt Sienna.

If you fancy having a go at this project, pop along to The Brave Girls Club
for all the details, instructions & images.

If you are not already a member, register for a free Brave Girls Club account
& gain immediate access to all sorts of free goodies, including this project.

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