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15 July 2010

All cut up

I took a piece of 3x3 inch square mountboard & rounded the corners.

I drew a border & string figure with a pencil, then used a Sharpie pen to go over the pencil drawn string.

On the back, I drew a grid to divide it into 9 squares, numbered them from 1 to 9, then cut them up.

I took each piece to work on individually, rubbing out the pencil lines once each piece was finished.

The pieces were put back together.

In Zentangle speak, this is called an ensemble.


  1. Wow fantastic. I just love this it is so effective! x

  2. Oooh, you can speak Zentangle! Really effective piece, Daisy.

  3. Thank you Sue & Jo ... & there was me hesitating over whether I should put this on my blog!

    daisy xx

  4. wow fab daisy - the birds in your music frightened the living daylights out of me!! i thought i was hearing things! i was trying to work out where they were coming from :O) xx

  5. My thanks to you both & sincere apologies to Fifi for scaring you xx

  6. This is fab daisy! I have never done any Zen things! xx

  7. Oh daisy, what a great "ensemble" love S xxx