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29 June 2009

Visual Evidence

This is a digital collage using all the elements provided by Nancy Baumiller for the Crowabout Challenge.

Lucy loved flying & especially wing walking just as the sun was beginning to set.
Although her dog Spot thought this was a very stupid idea.
Why couldn't she sit inside the plane like everyone else?
The visual evidence was the effect it had on her face,
blown by the wind, battered by the elements.
Her favourite hat protected her hair, but what was it doing to her facial features?

All the images from week 42 collage sheet are included in some shape or form. The only addition to this collage was Spot's photo frame.


  1. I love this, Daisy. I keep looking and looking for the guy, though and I can't find him. It's making me crazy. The double border is very effective, the background is beautiful, and it looks as if the plane is flying right out of the frame!

  2. ... shall I give you a clue Bev?

    I do use all the elements in some shape or form. The guy can still hear & he is protecting Lucy ...

  3. I love your story! But then no picture is ever complete for me without a story even if I have to make it up myself! Is the guy her ears? Anyway great job!

  4. Thanks Nan xx

    Yes the guy is her ears & her hat :o)