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23 June 2009

Something different

The challenge on Artarazzi this week was to use the photograph provided, which I did to create the background for my digital piece. Something a little bit different to the norm.

Things are not always as they seem

Here is my digital art journal page for this project.

Credits: Dover


  1. Ah very nice indeed Daisy, you're right I do like it! :)

  2. very clever - love the background :O) clever you! xx

  3. You really did use the background effectively - and thought out of the box - I can't imagine how you did this, but admire the technique.

  4. Thank you xx

    Ros - I cropped the "ladder" part of the photo & copied & pasted it to make a longer ladder, then flipped a copy of the ladder & joined them up together in a repeating pattern. Then overlaid one full image over another rotated at 90 degrees to get the rhombus shaped background. It looked a little celtic, so I went for the dragon image to complete it.

    I would never have guessed that it would end up the way it did! That's what I luv about digital work - it always takes you on a wonderful journey.

    daisy xx