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30 July 2008

Lasting Memory

The challenge this week on This Thursday it's all about ... is to attempt to create something you truly believe is either beautiful or useful.

There was a project I have been wanting to do now for over a year. Where does the time go? This was the perfect challenge for my project.

I collected some glass tiles whilst on holiday last June - the idea was to make them into a coaster as a lasting memory of a wonderful holiday. On returning home, I sourced some coaster bases & some smaller matching tiles, both by Mosaica.

Today I have both started & completed my project (after spending a considerable amount of time trying to find the aforementioned bases & tiles - they were in a very safe place).

I decided on the pattern & then secured each tile in place using PVA glue. It was left to set for a few hours.

Then I had to find the tile grout in the garage ..... some time later, I mixed up the grout & coloured it with a blob of Acrylic Paint (Stream). Before the grout set, I pressed in some clear Accent Beads. The hope here is that they will catch the light & dance like water in a swimming pool.

Here is the finished project.

This project also fits the challenge theme this week on Arty Girlz, which is Blue.


  1. Great way to remember your holiday. Lovely and useful. Glad to see you . Thanks for taking part in this weeks challenge
    bye for now
    La la lalalala la la la la
    not doing manamana anymore Lol

  2. very swimming pooly - thats what is need right now and a nice cool cocktail :O) xx

  3. Perfect for a glass of Pimms I say! Love the colours, and I also like the red, black and white colour scheme on your posting below. The butterflies look like they are real ones flying off the page.

  4. WOW This is fantastic !!

    Thanks for joining in with this weeks Arty Girlz challenge

    Julie & Crissi


  5. Just perfect for an ice cold drink !

    I am grateful to you for listing the sizes for the challenge pieces on your blog.(...I have been trying to find out about skinnies for ages). I can write them down thanks for that x

  6. Wow this is fabulous.
    Wonderful art. Love them.

  7. Fabulous!! A wonderful memory too :)

  8. Loving those blues! What a great reminder of your hol Daisy! x

  9. Fantastic...I love this!

  10. Thats a perfectly satisfying pattern - and the colours are just wonderful.
    Very original!

  11. Beautiful daisy. I love it! :-) xxxxx