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19 July 2008

Art Journal Progress

A quick update on my altered book/art journal project.

I have done a fair bit of work on the inside & need to make a start on the outside.

On the inside, the pages were segmented, the title page placed in the middle, I then worked either side of the middle on some key pages, leaving blanks to be added to later.

Some key pages are About Time (a double page spread on all aspects of time & a generalised comment on getting started on a large & challenging project), House of Cards (I craft at home, so it is an important part of my creative work), Laughter (things that make me smile & laugh), The Arts (a double page spread looking at all aspects of the arts), Inspiration (a place to keep all those things that help my creativity), Positivity (strong, powerful & positive words) & Mother Nature (nothing is as beautiful, creative or inspiring than Mother Nature herself).

I have included copies of some of my recent work on Artist Trading Cards, Houses, Inchies, Moos, Skinnys, an altered canvas & photography. It makes it a reflective journal as well as an ongoing journal.

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