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15 July 2008

Art Journal Progress

I have my book, found in a local charity shop that just sells old books. There were so many great books to choose from.

So why did I choose this book.

It was a hardback book with a sturdy spine & a fabric cover.

The paper felt coated & smooth to the touch, so I thought it would stand up to being treated with gesso & paints.

The content of the book offered up opportunities to use the original text. I wanted the book itself to inspire me.

It had less than 150 pages, so was more manageable for my first altered book.

The challenge Jean (Bluebird) set us this month is really two challenges. To alter a book to make an art journal.

To alter a book
Something I have yet to attempt. The examples I have seen are so varied. Each one so detailed. Each one has a different theme, different style & demonstrates different techniques.

to make an art journal
I do not consider myself to be an artist, in the formally trained, studying under an expert/professional way, so to make an art journal seems rather presumptuous. But what is an artist if not someone who creates, ergo I must be an artist of sorts. I do write notes & ideas down for the projects I make, so that, in a sense, is a journal.

Making a start

Why start at the beginning? I didn't. I glanced through the text to get ideas & on finding a gem of a double page spread, I started on page 62/63. Why? Because this is where I found my inspiration, my blog motto, imagine believe create

So this is where I started - a title page, using images & words, doodles, gesso, masking gum, fabric butterflies & a dragonfly (to help creativity & ideas take flight), the Tim Holtz "be yourself" girl image (which has become my avatar), a daisy image (of course), some cut work to show hidden depths & the talent that lays beneath the surface, green acrylic paint (to resemble growth).

It is yet to be completed ...

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