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16 May 2018

By the Sea

The theme on Wanderlust 2018 this month is the

This page in my collage journal captures memories of recent visits to the coast.

I used four of my photographs to create this layout,
including the one for the background.

This photograph represents the sounds of the seaside.

The familiar calls of the herring gulls.

The waves breaking on the shoreline.

The pier with it's noisy attractions,
bustling with people.

The promenade as visitors stroll, jog, ride & skate along,
people walking their dogs
& prams being pushed.

This photograph represents the smells of the coast.

The distinctive damp seaweed aroma
that immediate reaffirms where you are.

The last photograph represents the different textural surfaces found at the seaside.

Weathered wooden boardwalks,
pebbles, both big & small, smooth & sharp
& gritty sand.

I looked briefly for seaglass
but sadly I found none.

This one page transports me back there in as instance.

I can almost hear the waves & feel the sea breeze on my face.

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