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01 April 2018

Going on an Expotition

This is my One Word card for April.

My word is

As for the rabbit, well today is Easter Sunday
& they seem to be appearing everywhere!

The original aim of this monthly project
was to use up all those little bits & pieces,
scraps that might otherwise have been thrown away.

This rabbit has been sitting in my little piles of scraps since March 2009,
that's over nine years!

He was originally printed out to use on a specific project,
(see below)
but was actually too large for my Moo,
so I had to print off & use a smaller version.

You can see the original project here.

Moo 2009

So why did I choose Explore?

I am a curious person.
I love to explore,
be it my thoughts, creative ideas or new places.

I worked for a while in Pooh Country,
home of the Winnie the Pooh stories.

It is a beautiful place to explore,
where nature is all around,
where your imagination can run free.

There is nothing finer than a walk through the forest,
& you never know what adventures you may find.

The piece below is taken from a photograph taken on one such walk,
(see here).

I must do more exploring this month.

Digitally Altered Photograph with Haiku 2011

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