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18 April 2018

a quiet word or two

Those of you among us who already receive the daily email
from Melody & Kathy at Brave Living,
may have seen that Melody has started a weekly newsletter called

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with the last two weeks worth of prompts.

I turned Melody's graphics into inchies,
1 inch by 1 inch little tiles.

These are for when you feel doubt.

These are for when you are weary.

I used mountboard for my bases,
which I had already cut out & were lurking in my Project drawer.

The background uses patterned paper from past Brave Living projects,
again found lurking in a drawer.
These were both backgrounds for Truth Cards.

All I needed to do was print out Melody's artwork from her newsletter
& put them together.

I love the calming  relaxing nature of fine cutting
& sanding the edges. 

Now I need to finish off writing in my journal,
before the next edition arrives.

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