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04 October 2017

Looking for Inspiration

This is my One Word card for October.

My word is

It is important to continually look for inspiration,
to see the possible from the ordinary,
the beauty in the unusual
& translate this into our own creativity.

The One Word project was an idea by Kasia Avery,
during Week 33 of her Wanderlust 2017 online class.

Each month we choose our word for that month
& make a small card which goes into our One Word box,
which last month had a slight make-over.

The project is mainly about using up old scraps of paper
or recycling junk mail,
things that other people would consider to be trash.

I went for using up all those small scraps of paper
 that I have been hoarding over the years,
some pieces so small that most people
would have already discarded them.

I enjoy the process of paper collage,
combining different patterns & images together
to create a cohesive piece of art.

My previous One Word cards

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