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14 June 2017

2017 Index Card A Day - 6 to 10

Below are the results from the second week
of the Index Card A Day creative challenge,
which began on 1st June.

I am not following Tammy's daily prompts,
instead I am working my way through a new art book
to find my daily inspiration.

This year I am using
abstracts in acrylic & ink
Jodi Ohl

Index Card 6

Index Card 7

Index Card 8

Index Card 9

Index Card 10

Another week, another set of completed index cards,
none of which appear anything like Jodi's examples,
but each one will act as a reference guide for her techniques.

It's all about learning
as I play.
Learning what I like,
learning what I don't like,
finding out which ones
have the loudest voice
& speak to me.

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