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07 June 2017

2017 Index Card A Day - 1 to 5

The Index Card A Day creative challenge,
began on 1st June.

This is my third year & as I did last year,
 I am using a new art book
to find my daily inspiration.

For me, ICAD is the perfect excuse
to open a previously unread book
& explore it's hidden depths.

This year I am using
abstracts in acrylic & ink
Jodi Ohl

Index Card 1

Index Card 2

Index Card 3

Index Card 4
Index Card 5

None of these turned out the way I had expected.

I am out of my comfort zone,
experiencing uncertainty & surprise,
delight & frustration,
& a strong determination to continue.

It is all about the doing,
the daily practice of being creative in some way,
forming habits,
exercising those creative muscles
& having fun.

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