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31 May 2017

Larger than Normal

One of the Wanderlust lessons for week 21 was by Kasia Avery.

Her theme was working big -
creating art on a substrate which was larger than we would normally use.

My substrate was a old picture found at a charity shop last week,
which was cheaper than buying a large canvas.

I prepped it by removing as much of the original varnished image as I could,
then added white gesso to the wooden base
& repainted the frame.

The dimensions are approx. 11 x 13 inches,
which is very large for me.

I am restricted by the amount of available surface area on my desk.
I think the largest to date has been 5 x 8 inches.

In the lesson, Kasia was encouraging us to keep to our own style
& just upscale our usual work,
so I began by adding some text & an image from a bird book,
which I also purchased from the charity shop.

The bird is a Great Grey Shrike.

I wanted to add some texture,
which I did with pieces of ribbon.
One was glittery silver,
one was organza ribbon
& the third is a fabric tape.

I used Golden Soft Gel (Matte) to adhere the pieces,
leaving it to then dry thoroughly.

Next came acrylic paints using
Dina Wakley Media in Lemon & Lapis.

I added a layer of the mixed paint to the frame as well.

I added a baseline to anchor the bird & branch
with more torn text & frayed organza ribbons.

Then some paper from 7 Dots Studio
& two other pieces of paper from my scraps folder.

& then a piece of paper covered wire.

Finally I added some shading & highlighting.

I turned my attention back to the frame.
So far it has been cleaned & given two coats of acrylic paint,
first in Mulch by Eco Green, then one in Dina Wakley Media.

The third layer was Eco Green acrylic paint in Pure Silver,
then to distress the layers,
I took it outside to give it a good rub over with wire wool,
then finally I added some Eco Green Black paint.

In Week 17, Kasia asked us to work small,
so I thought I would show you the size difference between the two projects.

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