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12 March 2016

Taking Responsibility

The Alpha Challenge at The Craft Barn is a year long creative challenge,
using a letter from the alphabet every two weeks as inspiration. 

The next letter (as it is not being done in alphabetical order) is
& we must include a definition of our chosen word.

I am making a set of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) for this challenge.

I have chosen the word

In a world where blame culture is rife,
we should remember to own our actions,
instead of looking for excuses elsewhere.

Accept responsibility,
reclaim your power,
live your own life.

The three single words at the top were cut from
the same old book that I use as a resource for my work.

The image of the girl is from Hermine Koster.

The patterned paper is by K & Company.

This ATC will have a place in my Art Journal for Week 10.


  1. I just love the collection of ATC you make. And how clean they look. This one is fab as usual. It's a good message that too many young people today are not learning. I like that torn bit that grounds her. It seperates from the background nicely yet keep everything blended. A little technique I'm going to try to remember.

  2. A good choice of word and the image shows a very determined looking young person.

  3. lovely patterned paper, and such a strong but true message.

  4. Great ATC and a good message to.

  5. Great sentiments - couldn't agree more. We can't always control our environment and what happens to us but we always have a choice about how we respond.xx

  6. Another lovely ATC daisy and great word choice! xx

  7. How fabulous. I altered a set of playing cards, but mine never turned out that lovely. Yours is stunning, as is your choice of words for this latest entry. I was truly impressed with both the art and the message it conveyed.

  8. An impressive ATC. I love the word choice and the vintage image on this card. You are certainly going to end up with a lovely set of ATCs at the end of this challenge.

  9. Fabulous ATC, lovely image, thank you for entering The Craft Barn's Challenge.
    Jane x

  10. A message we should all embrace. Another fabulous atc.