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03 May 2011

Texture Tuesday

This week for the Texture Tuesday challenge, Kim has asked us to use at least one of her texture layers on a photograph of our tea or coffee cup.

My photograph is of an antique 22 carat gold gilded cup & saucer,
resting on a pocket book of Friendship poems.

Both treasures were found in my local charity shop last year.

I used multiple layers of Kim's chamomile texture.

There was a gap which I just had to fill with one of my Dover butterflies.

Here is the original photograph.

The poem shown is by John Masefield.


Being her friend, I do not care, not I,
How gods or men may wrong me, beat me down;
Her word's sufficient star to travel by,
I count her quiet praise sufficient crown.

Being her friend, I do not covet gold,
Save for a royal gift to give her pleasure;
To sit with her, and have her hand to hold,
Is wealth, I think, surpassing minted treasure.

Being her friend, I only covet art,
A white pure flame to search me as I trace
In crooked letters from a throbbing heart,
The hymn to beauty written on her face.


  1. Very pretty! There's a gap in one of my photos too...wish I would've thought of something like your butterfly :)

  2. I love what you did to the photo. Very creative and it is beautifully done!

  3. oh this is so beautiful!

    I love your music too!

  4. Wonderful composition and texture work here!
    Lovely blog - so glad I could find/follow you!!

  5. Love the vintage look. Very pretty!

  6. Your poem is lovely. And your still life so enticing. Great job!

  7. What a difference you made to an already pretty photo....and I love the butterfly.

    all the best,

    charlotte wilson