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11 May 2011

Home Sweet Home

The prompt this month for the GPP Street Team Crusade set by Michelle
is Home Sweet Home.

I have continued to work in the same board book as the past two crusades,
which is a dimensional book from Eco Green Crafts.

In case, dear reader, you have been wondering,
the dimensions of the board book are four inches by four inches.

You can now appreciate the scale of the pieces involved,
especially those used this month.

To start the crusade this month, I created a fabric noticeboard,
using a leftover piece of Laura Ashley fabric from a cushion I made a few years back.

Under the fabric are two pieces of funky foam with a mountboard backing.

The foam enabled me to give dimension to the noticeboard
especially when attaching the gingham ribbon with the rocaille beads.

I used copies of old family postcards & photographs,
a copy of the Land Registry plan for one of the properties,
a cat charm (home isn't home without a cat) & a small set of keys.

Whilst thinking about the prompt for the crusade this month,
I realised that I couldn't remember the addresses of all the places where I have lived,
so the main focus of my project was to document the details
& record memories associated with each address.

I opted for a Bingo card style of tag,
using an old image from Abbie at Percy & Bloom,
the luminous digital texture from Kim Klassen
& a clip art image of a house. I also used a butterfly image from Dover
& a label image provided by Michelle to tie this project to the others.

The tags live in a pocket created from patterned paper
from K & Company designed by Brenda Walton.

Each tag has a label denoting the number of each address.

The labels are adhered on one side, so the road name can be read on the reverse.

The pattern on the reverse of the tag is taken from the Land Registry document already mentioned.

Finally, I will write down positive memories of living at each address.

Such as the house that I was born in,
the address where we had a strawberry patch at the bottom of the garden,
where my father kept caterpillars feeding them nettles
until the day we released them into the garden as beautiful butterflies,
the address where I could go gathering fresh walnuts, cob nuts, crab apples & blackberries
or play happily in the stream or climb trees ...


  1. DAISY!! LOVE that you have continued in the same journal/book. I cannot believe how petite it is! You do small very well! Such handsome pages, and filled with so much meaning. LOVE that you explained some of the details and that you took a stroll down memory lane, recalling house numbers, street names, and the personal history attached to them. WELL DONE and so quick! THANK YOU for sharing more of your lovely work with the team! YOu motivate us to get going on our own pages!

    I'll have two lumps please ;)

  2. Daisy, this is so lovely, I adore all the details which are so personal to you. Happy memories.


    ps I agree about cats!

  3. What a Fabulous project, I love the way you have documented the houses you have lived in and all the wonderful memories to go with them!
    Jan x

  4. So cool! I love your mini-noticeboard. Very very clever.

  5. Only 4x4? Wow! You have managed to get so much detail into your wee book. I love it :-)

  6. Oh daisy, this is gorgeous. Wonderful memories for you... Love S xx

  7. Hi Daisy

    I love what you have done for this crusade.

    I've only just done mine - and it's not even finished!

    I'm definately going back to it... I especially love how you have recorded a special memory from each address. Sweet!


  8. Wow I love your HOME-Sweet-HOME work and in such a teeny-tiny format! That's amazing. The bingo-style cards are terrific.

    Best wishes from germany, tj

  9. Daisy--what a great memory of places you've lived! There are some wonderful ideas here--but most of all, I love the concept of the notice boards. How original is that! And continuing in the same book is another great idea. The keys were really inspired. Thanks for making it so personal and artfully inspired.