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02 February 2010


This piece is for the challenge on Collage Obsession. I used the image provided (click here to view) & the chosen word for this week which was Pair.

I was rather indulgent with my layers & additions & had to stop myself from adding any more or make any more changes as I was getting carried away ...

... but I did have fun!

So here goes ...

a pair of paper clips, a pair of flowers, a pair of postcards, a couple dancing, a pair of hearts on the brads, a girl needing someone else to play with, because everyone knows you need two for tennis, a pair of ribbons & not forgetting the challenge image of the old couple posing for their photograph.

Some of the elements were layered twice & I'm sure there are more pairs in there somewhere!

The couple from the original image looked so stern & unaffectionate, that I of course went for the soft romantic reds & pinks, with a few hearts thrown in for good measure. It has a feel of a pinboard, with memories of past travels.

Credits go to:-Sandi Krieger for her World Traveller & Travel Papers digital kits which were available at Two Peas in a Bucket (does that make a pair of kits & a pair of peas?)

The Graphics Fairy for the postcard images & other photographs used

Shabby Princess for the many elements used from their Amore collection, the flowers from Dinner Party & paper clip from Express Yourself


  1. OMG what an amazing collage.
    Love the vintage style.

  2. Looks great daisy. :-) S xxx

  3. Wow! There's so much to see and all of it fantastic. Great collage.

  4. This is so lovely collage, so many beautiful details and everything just in right places. Great job.

    Thank you for participating. :))

  5. WoW!! It's brilliant and so much thought and detail! :)
    No pairs of pears in there though!! ^.^

  6. wonderful! I love looking at all the elements you put together! Great!!!

  7. Fantastic collage, the hole family seems to be present on this piece.
    Grandparents, children and grandchild.
    Lots of a detailed work, I simply love it.