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13 August 2017

Have a little Faith

The first challenge for #ITAC2017 was to create a piece of artwork,
using whatever format or techniques we wanted,
to include some of the following;

a face
letters &/or numbers
the colour blue
ribbon, twine, string or lace
something vintage & modern

Throughout this tournament
I will be working in a small handmade paper book.

With a theme of Europe, I began thinking about the decision
that the UK made to leave the European Union.

There has been much angst & worry about
what the future has in store for us as a country.

My piece is entitled

Have a little faith

I have used two different pieces of book text,
green abaca ribbon,
a piece of white cotton fabric,
two green buttons,
hand stitching with gold metallic thread,
a green skeleton leaf &
a copy of a vintage image from last week's newspaper.

There was no room to be blue!

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