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14 August 2016

Seeking out the Positive

The Alpha Challenge at The Craft Barn is a year long creative challenge,
using a letter from the alphabet every two weeks as inspiration.

The next letter (as it is not being done in alphabetical order) is
& we must include the definition of our chosen word,
together with a pearl.

I have chosen the word

Choosing a word from the Z section of the dictionary is always tough,
even more so when you are trying to follow a theme.

My theme for the year is Resilience.
We should try to focus on the positive,
look for the positive side in each situation &
seek out the positive every day.

The two images are from The Graphics Fairy.

As for the additional challenge,
well I gave her pearl buttons on her cuffs.

This ATC will have a place in my Art Journal for Week 32.


  1. I think this is very clever and I love the different layers of meaning. Great idea to use the pearls on the cuffs xx

  2. Clever use of the dreaded pearl twist, but even MORE clever that you were able to maintain your theme of resilience. I LOVE the images you chose Extremely clever way to illustrate zoom!

  3. Brilliantly done. Love your choice of word and those pearls on the cuffs is inspired!!

  4. Fabulous entry, great use of a different word.

  5. Very cleverly thought out. You have set yourself an e tea tough challenge but you've pulled it off with this word.

  6. Great word perfectly illustrated. And those pearls - clever! :D

  7. Love this piece, very cleverly crafted and great way of adding the pearls too.

  8. A very clever idea to use the pearls on the shirt cuffs. You have illustrated your chosen word perfectly.