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01 June 2016

1, 2, 3 Go

Today is Day One of the Index Card A Day creative challenge for 2016.

The basis of the challenge is just to be creative in some way,
once a day, throughout June & July.

At the end of the challenge you should have 61 pieces of creative work
to look back on, reflect & use as inspiration.

There are a few rules,
but you can basically do whatever your muse tells you to do,
you can follow the prompts that Tammy at Daisy Yellow provides or not.

This year I am changing my approach.

I will be working through two art journal books by Dina Wakley.

Art Journal FREEDOM &
Art Journal COURAGE

I am planning to set aside 15 minutes each day - every day if I can.

Enough time to read a section of the book &
not too much time to be precious about the creative process.

As Tammy says, it is not about the outcome, but the action of doing.

I will be working on 3x5 inch cards & using my index card box from last year.

I am aiming to post each day on Instagram,
so if you want to follow along with my journey,
make sure you are following me there.

Time allowing, I will also write a weekly blog post.

Here goes ...

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