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18 July 2015

ICAD Week 7

ICAD  is the Index Card A Day creative challenge,
which runs for two months from 1st June,
however this is my last week.

I am rounding off my series with thought-provoking quotations to inspire.

My index cards are 3" by 5"

Day 31

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34

Day 35

I have used a white pigment ink Signo pen by Uni-ball,
Tim Holtz Pocket Cards & Tissue Tape,
fabric tape & a Whispers Strokes Pen (Red),
images by Jessica Sprague,
dymo tape & a thread of Hessian,
small manila envelope,
a butterfly from Dover,
page torn from on old English dictionary,
old map illustration from a 1928 edition of Philips' New Pocket Atlas of the World
& gift wrap paper by Cavallini Papers & Co Inc,

Finally one last card, as this is all that remains of my used sheet of wrapping paper.

Day 36

This whole series was inspired by the wonderfully designed gift wrap paper from Cavallini,
which was chosen by my sister to wrap a gift to me several years ago.

I carefully unwrapped the gift to avoid damaging the paper as best I could.

At the time, I didn't know what project I would use it for,
I just knew that I needed to keep it for something special.

So just a few weeks ago,
when I was thinking about joining in with the ICAD challenge,
I looked at the used, torn & wrinkled paper
& just knew this was the right moment to use it.

Many thanks to my sister & to Cavallini.

This is all that is left.


  1. Dear Distinctly Daisy,

    Thank you for sharing these well crafted cards with us all.
    The designs are so very creative and almost a bit of Dr. Seuss like. Which really just adds a whole new wonderful dimension to the creation!

    I also have to say that the quotes you have chose are very inspiring and really does make one think.

    Thank you as well for including Dymo in this project, It is an honor and we look forward to what the future will bring.

    With best regards,
    Jesper K

    1. It was a project that was a delight to create, mainly due to the inspirational products which were available to me.

      My thanks to both yourself & Paul for leaving such kind & encouraging words throughout.