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03 July 2015

Bravely Waiting

While I am patiently waiting for the July Brave Box from the Brave Girls Club to arrive,
I have finished off a couple of other projects.

This is everything I have made during the first two months of membership.

Projects, including Truth Cards & Soul School Journal

Here are the three projects finished today.

Magnetic Pin Badge Display
I painted the original plain wood picture frame black.

The background is a gorgeous piece of Basic Grey scrapbook paper from their Urban Couture range.

The front is open, so you can pick a badge to wear or just move them around.

There will be three new badges to add this month, so there needs to be plenty of space to play with.

The glass front is actually underneath the paper, acting as a support for the magnet.

The order from front to back is badges, paper, magnet, glass, then the picture frame backing.

Framed I am a Brave Girl patch
I framed the embroidered patch, with a bright pink background.

I removed the perspex front, to photograph it.

This was a pine wood frame from Ikea, painted black.

Affirmation Card Easel
Lastly, I repainted a miniature easel, just the right size to hold the affirmation card.

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