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15 April 2011

Easter Beauties

I deliberated & cogitated over what to create for my Easter project this year
& settled on unashamedly stealing an idea from Joanna Urbani
& her gorgeous altered Scrabble tiles.

The initials of each themed tile together spell out a word or in her project,
the names of the delighted recipients. You can see them here.

I made mine out of mountboard inchies not Scrabble tiles
& mine spell out the word

Each one inch square of white mountboard was covered, front & back,
in patterned paper from K & Company designed by Brenda Walton.

The edges were sanded to add a little aged, distressed, shabby feel.

I found six beautiful faces on Blanca's blog, which I digitally remastered
(altered the colour, tone & resized).

After looking deeply into their eyes,
I gave each lady a description which I felt matched their mood.

To add a hint of colour & focal interest,
I used some Cherry Blossom flowers
leftover from my La Pashe decoupaged greeting cards.

These little beauties will stay in my desk throughout Easter
& raise a smile each time I look at them ...


  1. These are so lovely Daisy - thank you for linking to me, but I'm sure I stole the Scrabble tile idea from someone else (Karen, aka Missy K perhaps?).

    Love the Easter-y colour background and the expressions on these girls faces are sublime.


  2. Maybe so Jo, but it was your recent work that inspired me.

  3. How absolutely must be so happy with how they have turned out. Sue x

  4. Thank you Sue ... I must say I do love them. Blanca has some simply gorgeous images on her blog.

  5. Oh Daisy, these ladies are just beautiful. I am sure they will raise a smile every time you see them. Love them ♥♥♥ S x

  6. Daisy, these are fabulous! Wow, and very inspiring!
    Blanca's images are so lovely!


    PS I came here from her blog!

  7. Thank you She & Rene for your kind & generous comments xx