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15 December 2009

How to keep Snowflakes

The challenge this week set by The Three Muses is Bottles & Jars.

I'm rather late completing this challenge, which I started last week, but only managed to complete today! I altered an old lidded jar into a Snowflake Jar.

I used an old lace coaster to cover the lid & an old lace place mat to cover the glass jar.

I made a flower to decorate the top of the lid, using silver glitter wired ribbon. Thanks to Annabel Lewis & Kirstie Allsopp for the inspiration for this.

Inside the snowflakes will be safe until next Christmas.

The original empty jar.

The ingredients & contents.


  1. This was well worth the wait, Daisy. What a dainty, delicate piece of perfection! Thank you so much for sharing the process of its creation!

  2. Oh wow this is gorgeous.
    Absolutely delightful. Love them.

  3. Very impressive Daisy, I am totally taken with the idea of a jar to keep your snowflakes safe. The flower for the top is absolutely stunning.

  4. Wow! I just came here to post this week's challenge and I was blown away by your exquisite work. Your filmy, delicate rose is an absolute joy. Your craftwork is beautiful and the whole effect of keeping snowflakes in jars is creative and clever and so artistic. Standing ovation from me.

  5. This is very pretty daisy, you could put some snowflakes in today lol! xx