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13 July 2009

A Morning Cuppa

This is a digital collage using all the elements provided by Nancy Baumiller for the Crowabout Challenge.

There is nothing nicer than a refreshing cuppa in the morning while you read your mail,
especially when you have received a letter from your darling son.

All the images from week 44 collage sheet are included in some shape or form. There were no additions to this collage.

I also challenged myself to make a glue & paper collage, which is shown below. This is a page in my altered book art journal.

Polly Blumer's face was a picture. She had received an official looking letter,
sent by air-mail, advising her that her favourite drink contained chicken!

But someone was just playing games ...

All the elements provided were used in some shape or form. No digital resizing or colour altering was done prior to printing on linen effect paper.

It was collaged using PVA glue. The background was coloured with oil pastels.  I added cord through the holes & used a black Sukura pen to add fine detail.

1 comment:

  1. Daisy, your "Queenie" is wonderful! I adore her earrings, and that broach is "to die for"! Her hair color is superb - only her hairdresser knows for sure! Awesome collage! Hugs, Terri xoxo