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16 September 2008

Autumn Celebration

Well Autumn is most definitely here, the leaves are changing colour, some have already fallen & the night's are drawing in.

So let's celebrate the arrival of the new season with a banner with colours & images associated with this time of year.

I have used papers from the Shabby Princess Harvest Spice range to create this banner, which is about 11 inches in height.

As usual, even the back is presentable.


  1. happy autumn daisy :O) love it xx

  2. Brilliant!!! Loving the papers too x

  3. Lovely banner - a very innovative "take" on the theme!!

  4. debbi, this is not my banner for the Creative Wednesday challenge, but my own style I am making as I reach each new season. My Summer banner can be seen here.

  5. Looks fab daisy, I love autumn xxx