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17 January 2008

Craft Challenges

So why do a challenge?
They are a great way to try out new ideas, themes and techniques.

When I read the details of a challenge I start thinking about what I can do, what I can use and how can I pull it all together. What technique is best? They make me think outside my usual crafting style, choosing colours or following themes that I wouldn’t normally venture near.

“If We’re Growing, We're Always Going To Be Out Of Our Comfort Zone.” John Maxwell

When I make someone a greetings card, I am focusing on what they like, i.e. their hobbies or what their favourite colour is and I try to make them a card to their tastes. With a challenge, I do not feel so restricted and I love to experiment with new techniques. How else am I going to develop as a crafter?

“Experience Is A Wonderful Thing It Enables You To Recognize A Mistake When You Make It Again” Proverbs

Sometimes the challenge is not so much the theme, but the physical restraints of the challenge. If it is an inchie, then I have to think small, very small, but with a Fat Page it’s a larger canvas, so how do I fill the space and there are both sides of the page to consider.

“Space Is Only Dangerous When It Is Between Your Ears”

Challenges make me think about what craft supplies I have and how I can apply them. I have recently reorganised my stash so can find items more quickly, but even so, I have since completed one challenge and then realised that I could have used something else instead. I think “failing to remember what we have” applies to most crafters.

There are also the time constraints as most challenges are set a deadline. I think I am more creative when under pressure. If I have too much time I’ll just spending it thinking about it rather than doing it.

“If We Wait For The Moment When Everything, Absolutely Everything Is Ready, We Shall Never Begin.” Ivan Turgenev

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