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30 July 2017

A Mood or Two

For the art lesson of Week 29 on the Wanderlust online course,
Kasia Avery was inspiring us to make mood boards.

Everyday we are bombarded with images,
more now than ever, with smartphones & tablets on the go,
computers & televisions at work & at home.

Mood boards are a way to slow down & actually look at printed imagery
distilling those which speak to us personally in some way,
whether it be the colours or patterns that excite us
or the memories they evoke.

Whether you then use them to inspire further work
or just to capture your feelings at a certain moment in time,
creating them enables you to shut out the noise from the rest of the world
& tune in to yourself,
an act of meditation,
of listening to yourself
& learning what is important to you.

Below are a couple that I made during the week.

The first has a palette of cool blues & greens
with a highlight of yellow.

Round & oval shapes.

"The Simple Things"

It evokes a feeling of home comforts,
my morning coffee,
the smell of home baking,
the greenery & flowers of the garden.

"Stop away from the daily grind
and reset your mind."

The second has a warmer, more energetic palette.

Strong reds & oranges,
hard linear brickwork,
restricting lines & rectangles.

It reminds me that there are new places to explore.

A challenge to be more adventurous maybe.

To be bold.

"Isn't it time you tried something different"

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