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28 December 2016

Art Journal Week 51

This is my art journal page for week 51.

Firstly, this is a quotation that has been with me throughout 2016,
so I thought it needed a special place in my journal.

The prompt this week on Colour Me Positive is
Sharing your Soul, through Creativity.

I have used graphics from past classes at BGU.

For my last double page spread, I looked back through my journal
to find my favourite background from the whole year.

This technique was from Weeks 27 & 28.

One of the most simplest, yet most effective, has a white gesso base,
a thin layer of watered down acrylic paint (again I used Pistachio),
then I dabbed the excess off with a paper towel,
which left a soft mottled look.

To draw the grid I used my template, as always.

My card template after one year.

Firstly I outlined the grid with a normal graphite pencil,
then I drew over those lines with my Black Stabilo All pencil.

Taking my waterbrush, I went over those lines to create a strong outline.

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