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12 September 2015


The Brave Girls Club has been relaunched this month as Brave Girl University,
which essentially means that the original club has grown to include 80 or more talented teachers,
including Dina Wakley, a few of the Art to the 5th girls,
such as Lorraine Bell, Sandi Keene & Rae Missigman.

My Brave Box arrived yesterday & I have decided that it will be my last.
Most of the elements that I use, I print out myself,
so it seems rather expensive to continue to pay for the embroidered patch,
pin badges & cards.

Last month I visited a local print firm who can laser print the pages I need from the class PDFs,
on good quality paper for a fraction of the cost.

I need to overcome the feeling that I will be somehow missing out by not receiving the box
& instead concentrate on the meaning of the coursework.

So for the last time, here is this month's embroidered patch.

The Affirmation Card on a hand painted easel.

With a copy placed in my pocket book.

This month's badges added to my magnetic display, now full.

Next week, I will work through the journal prompts & finish my Soul Journal.

The format has changed this month.

I used to enjoy taking each of the seven lessons slowly,
listening to Melody talk through each one separately
& then concentrating on making the Truth Cards,
which in turn became a daily focus for the remainder of the month.

Next month I will have to see what Melody provides in the online course
to see how I take this forward.
Meanwhile, I now have access to a wide & varied range of courses by others to enjoy. 

Follow the link here to find out more.

For now, I leave you with a photograph of a framed image made last month.

Artwork by Melody Ross

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