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15 February 2013

February Journal

Progress update on my 2013 journal.

I have began making the cover for my book.

These are the last of the January pages.

Last month I won a bouquet of tulips in a competition - a lovely surprise. I went to collect my flowers in the first week on February. They were so bright & cheerful.

January was dominated by snow ... snow & more snow!

The first of the February pages are taking shape.

I made another envelope, to hold a business card I collected from an art exhibition I went to in the first week of February. I had made a very small envelope for my Alpha Challenge tag book, which can be seen here.

The envelope is secured in the journal by a pocket, which also has a miniature copy of the exhibition poster.

In the second week of February I joined a walking group. Snow was still laying on the ground & it was bitterly cold, but exhilarating.

I found the calendar image at Shabby Princess, so I will incorporate these each month.

 I found a small space to add one on the January pages.


  1. Beautiful work daisy and well done on winning the tulips! Xx

  2. The journal is looking lovely... There's nothing like fresh flowers to take the edge off the winter chill - congratulations on your win!
    Alison x